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Our Price: $77.00

Instrument TRS cables (stands for Tip - Ring - Sleeve) are also known as "Balanced" or "Stereo" although the latter is misleading. These cables are designed to interconnect pro audio gear with balanced phone jacks. You will also find TRS connectors on the stem of Y cables. These are used for mixer insert jacks where the signal is sent out through one wire and comes back in through the other. TRS cables are typically used for mono, not stereo, signals in most studio gear hence the confusion. The most typical application of a "Stereo" cable would be for running both left and right mono signals to stereo headphones.

A balanced electrical signal runs along three wires: a ground, a positive leg, and a negative leg. Both legs carry the same signal but in opposite polarity to each other. Any noise picked up along the cable run will typically be common to both legs. Assuming the destination is balanced, the receiving device will "flip" one signal and put the two signals back into polarity with each other. This causes the common noise to be out of phase with itself, thus being eliminated. This noise cancellation is called "Common Mode Rejection" and is the reason balanced lines are generally best for long cable runs.

INTEX cables are completely hand made from the finest components available. All connector parts are made of solid metal, from the brass M642/2-2 Military Spec connector & custom engineered shell to the plated steel stress relief spring. All cables are handmade with Belden 8412, an industry standard microphone cable for over 40 years. No compression or crimping is used to attach cable to connector, INTEX cables are welded insuring the strongest and most durable connection possible. If you need a length that's not listed, contact us at, custom is totally doable.

Our Price: $77.00

This is the right angle version of the INTEXcableTRS cable above. The right angle connector used is a Switchcraft 236.

If you need a length that's not listed, contact us at, custom is totally doable.