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Line6 Custom Cable
Our Price: $59.00

I made this cable for a Bass player in Canada who has a Line 6 X2 wireless unit. He got tired of fixing the original cable that came with it and attempted to make his own without much success. If you have a cable that's giving you similar problems, don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.
Y Cable
Our Price: $125.00

This is a cable we made for a shredmaster in Pittsburgh PA. He had a guitar with both Magnetic & Piezo pickups so we started out with 5M of black cable terminated in a solid brass TRS connector. We then "Y"ed 2M of red cable with a red shell that read "MAGNETIC" and 2M of blue cable with a blue shell that read "PIEZO" to avoid any confusion as to which pickup to plug into which stack. 2 pickups, 1 cable, 2 amp stacks, simple.If you have a situation that requires a custom build, please don't hesitate to contact us at to discuss possible solutions.
Tad Hillin Snake
Our Price: $530.00

Uberguitarist Tad Hillin from Austin TX performs & records with 3 amp stacks set 3M behind him. Hooking up all the cables that go between these stacks and his pedalboard was becoming cumbersome and time consuming to set up, to say nothing of a mess on the stage floor, so we designed and built him a custom "snake". All connectors were color coded according to the cable color, right angle ends were taped with the correct color while the straight ends had shells of the same color as the cable. Custom engraving helped to further simplify the setup process. All 5 cables were then held together by 12 feet of black snakeskin which made performing much safer and tear down a snap. If you have a situation that requires a custom build, please don't hesitate to contact us at to discuss possible solutions.
Custom Rack Wiring
Our Price: $1,000,000.00

We started in a time when engineers were leaving the big corporations and opening companies of their own because they were tired of being rebuffed by their employers for their new product ideas. We left our Senior Tech jobs building satellites for Ball Bros in the Boulder Valley and started a company offering hand built PCA's (Printed Circuit Assemblies) to these maverick companies. We hand stuffed and hand soldered every PCA that went out the door and soon the word of our quality spread throughout the valley. Soon, the audio production people came to us to build custom snakes and after them the studio people asked us to apply our build quality to create the next generation of recording studios. It was during this time that we saw a need for quality guitar cords so we experimented a bunch and after a while INTEXcables was born. It was the year 1976.

We built cables for a great number of musicians up and down the Front Range in the burgeoning music industry. We opened up marketplaces in Boulder, Denver & New York City. We installed nightclubs & music venues, wired both stationary and mobile recording studios, built a fair number of custom cables and worked the stage for every major concert from Folsom Field in Boulder to Mile High Stadium in Denver to Red Rocks Ampitheatre in Evergreen.

With the advent of surface mount components and pick & place machines, hand soldered PCA's became obsolete and the inevitable end came. Jump ahead to present day and we are still building studios, not the analogue studios of days past but high end Broadcast and Video Production studios.
If you have any requirements for custom wiring, big or small, don't hesitate to contact us for a quote.